Light Gauge Steel Villa

Transportation cost saving is up to 75%


Light gauge steel framing house( LGSF) is a new type of building structure system and can be used as villa, disaster relief house, office building, construction / mining / or military camps, hotel, and etc. The product is applicable to 6-storey or below small & medium-sized buildings, such as residential house, apartment, hotel, club, office building, hospital, school, vacation resort, and so on.

Low Rise Building Structure: 0.6~3.3mm thick hot dip galvanizing steel sheets are rolled into C-shaped and U-shaped steel stud and track, processed into different components ( such as composite wallboards, floor slabs, and roof trusses ) through mass production, and then assembled rapidly on-site through dry operation. The product is applicable to 3-story and below buildings, such as residential houses, villas, vacation resort, elderly house, health-caring buildings, and so on.

Multi-story Building Products: the multi-storey building adopts steel frame as its main structure and light gauge steel framework as its envelop enclosure. This product combines the benefits of both systems. This not only provides wider space to make spatial arrangement more flexible, but also realizes fast installation. Moreover, this still guarantees excellent damp-proofing, thermal, and acoustic insulation performance, and further enhances its earthquake and wind resistance capacity.

Transportation cost saving is up to 75%


Light Gauge Steel Frame ( Metalcon ) house Construction Process:

  • Foundation: The foundation of light gauge steel frame house is smooth and even concrete surface
  • Water, Electricity, and Stairs Installation: their installations are completed according to architectural design, safety standard, and local building code
  • Roof, Wall, and Floor Constructions: not only will our engineers recommend standard building materials based on industrial standards and safety requirement, but can also provide customizable selections to cater to our customers’ preference
  • Exterior and Interior Decorations: not only will our engineers recommend standard and safe decorative materials, but can also provide customizable designs and materials based on our customers’ preference and local building code
  • A modern, affordable, durable, and eco-friendly light gauge still frame house is finished in much shorter time and lower cost than traditional concrete house


  • Eco-friendly Building: The light gauge steel frame ( Metalcon ) house is built with 100% new and tested materials, so its construction and use can meet the requirements of environmental protection.
  • Fast and Easy Installation:
    • Factory prefabrication and on-site assembly greatly shorten construction period
    • Dry operation is applied and can be arranged even in cold or snowy weather conditions
    • The construction site basically has no dust or sewage pollution
    • Finishing the main structure installation of a 200m2 light gauge steel frame house only takes 5 to 7 days, and then finishing the exterior and interior decorations will take another two months
  • Structure Durability: The main structure of light gauge steel frame house is designed to last 95 years. As a result, the structural steel framework and bolts use high-performance and anticorrosive technology ( Galvanized / Aluzinc Coating / Magnesium Aluminum Zinc Alloy Plating ), and the anticorrosive coating can also prevent the main structure from rusting over years
  • Earthquake and Typhoon Resistance: The house is designed to withstand 9 degree earthquake and 12 degree typhoon. The entire house adopts a flexible light weight structure ( weighs about 1/6 to 1/4 of a traditional brick structure) and has all its joints ideally tightened by special fittings to greatly improve its performance and safety under earthquake and typhoon destruction
  • Fire Proof: The composite wall, constructed with Class A non-combustible fireproof materials, is designed to meet the fire protection standard of light gauge steel frame house
  • Thermal Preservation and Insulation: The light gauge steel frame house adopts the concept of “double thermal preservation & compartment insulation” energy efficiency technology. The unique design of heat reflection and ventilation interlayer improves the insulation effect and avoids the phenomenon of thermal bridge of the house. The house meets the building requirement of energy efficiency more than 75% and makes the indoor temperature warm in winter and cool in summer
  • TVentilation and Moist Proof: The unique design of open ventilation layer realizes external wall ventilation and moist proof in hot air convection. One-way breathing paper is placed between the main structure and external wall decorative layer to effectively prevent moisture or other corrosive gas from entering into the main structure. Also, the wall will not form dew in the northern areas in winter
  • Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction: T¬ Sound insulation material is filled in composite walls and floors, and the multilayer structure and cavity do meet international standards. Professional treatment is specially applied within most sensitive audio frequency of human ears to create a nice and quiet living environment
  • Flexible Layout: The thickness of wall is only half of the traditional concrete structure, and the carpet area increases by more than 10% in comparison with the traditional structure. The external walls mainly bear weight, and flexible layout can be achieved by indoor space
  • Beautiful Appearance: From eastern traditional to western modern styles, we can create a variety of architectural designs based on our respectful customers’ preferences or popular styles in the market as long as they comply with local safety standards and building code
  • Wide Applicability:
    • Various climates ( from frigid to tropical zones ) and geographic conditions
    • Various landscapes such as ocean island, mountain, and plain
    • Various geological conditions such as desert, and rocky or soft soils